Stylemelouey creates a versatile baby doll piece, that can be worn as lingerie, a cover up, a dress, or a top. This material is perfect for showcasing your personality because you can add depth and complexity to the sheer nature of the material.

If you are feeling nice, a hint of lavender or neutral tones, worn as a cover up, is perfect for a light and dainty look.

If you are feeling a little naughty, you can wear the baby doll as lingerie, with a sexy bra and panty set.

The customization of the baby doll piece is what gives it a one of a kind look and feel. Let’s save some money, dig in our closets, and pull out some of our miscellaneous garments that have been collecting dust. We can mix and match and see what fits our mood! So, what is your look going to be? Naughty or nice?

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