A popular misconception about happiness is that it is a feeling. Rather, happiness is a state of being. We are all complex beings and on a daily basis, we experience all types of emotions. We all encounter experiences that are beyond our control, and it is completely natural to feel sadness, anger, fear, or frustration. Does that mean we are not happy? The answer is no. The key to happiness is being able to cope with difficult situations and improving your overall quality of life. That can mean different things for different people, but accepting the way you feel and overcoming and accepting those feelings is vital to true happiness. Success is not the key to happiness, but rather happiness is the key to success. When things get tough and you feel like you are at a dead end,  I always try to keep in mind that emotions are temporary and your reactions may cause a ripple effect in other parts of your life. Optimism is important, and maintaining a positive perspective has always helped me overcome hardships in my life. So no matter what you are going through, stay positive, and this state of mind will help you achieve happiness.

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