Welcome to Seaside ..

Seaside candy man, a quaint little candy shop located in the heart of the Oregon coast. Upon arrival you are greeted with a spinning wheel for a chance to win little treats. How did I get so lucky to win the biggest prize of all, a bag of taffies! A few more steps to the … Continue Reading

Love her wild

There is always a glimmer in those who have been through the dark That was her gift, she filled you with words you didn’t know were there She was everything in a world that was make belief   That was his gift, he caught her imagination, and that, after everything, was all she ever wanted. … Continue Reading

Beyond the Sea

Somewhere beyond the sea Somewhere waiting for me My lover stands on golden sand And watches the ships that go sailing Somewhere beyond the sea She’s there watching for me If I could fly like birds on high Then straight to her arms I’d go sailing It’s far beyond the star It’s near beyond the … Continue Reading